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Industry Urges Lawmakers for Mandatory Testing of Recreational Marijuana

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Businessmen in Nevada’s nascent recreational marijuana industry want to ensure users’ safety with a strict marijuana lab testing process. One of the goals of this strict process is to avoid the shortcomings that have been seen in other legal states.

As Nevada law is written, all medical marijuana must undergo testing by an independent laboratory, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal. The tests detect for mycotoxins, metals, microbial bacteria, pesticides and THC percentage.

Manager of DV Labs, Kelly Zaug said, “We need to make sure this product is safe. And the only way to make sure it’s safe is to test it.”

Senator Patricia Farley recognizes the importance of strongly regulating the testing guidelines for the recreational marijuana market. She also finds it important to ensure that medical marijuana in Nevada is safe. Senator Farley said, “We have 42 million people coming here. We need to make sure they can purchase a safe product.”

Recreational sales in Nevada are expected to begin this summer. Nevada wants to ensure that its processes and procedures are tightly in place before a single recreational marijuana dispensary opens its doors.

Ini Afia of DigiPath Labs said, “These types of testing are very important to make sure the consumer is safe. It just takes one issue to bring the whole industry down.”

Regulatory influences will be borrowed from a few other recreationally legal states, including Colorado and Oregon, as a blueprint to expand on.