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Metro Police Dept Hosts Public Education Meeting for Marijuana Laws

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Since local communities have so many questions about what is and isn’t okay with the passage of Question 2, Metropolitan Police officers held a public educational meeting. While the meeting did cover very important topics, they also made it entertaining and lighthearted. Yes, marijuana is recreationally legal in Nevada, but some residents think it doesn’t really seem legal.

The meeting was held at a Spring Valley substation, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal. The meeting lasted about 30 minutes, so law enforcement kept it short and sweet. The information given was straightforward and was in hopes of helping locals understand what the law really says, and a few hints regarding what they might be able to get away with.

A question that got a lot of attention is where to get marijuana since no retail shops are open yet. The answer they were given: at home. Law enforcement reminded attendees that they can grow six plants (up to 12 per household) for personal use until retail shops do open. But, once shops do open, they’ll have to nix their homegrows and visit the shops if they live less than 25 miles from a recreational marijuana store.

What’s surprising here is that the officers at the meeting said the homegrow laws aren’t going to be a priority.

One of them said, “No one’s going to worry about you having your eight plants or your 10 plants, even if you’re within that 25 miles.”

Other points brought up:

  • Residents can smoke outside of their homes as long as they remain on their own property (meaning on front porches and in backyards)
  • Paraphernalia slideshow presentations showed people that the devices used to consume marijuana are also legal
  • No – you can’t smoke in a moving car or one that’s parked on a street. Yes – you can use marijuana in a parked car in your own driveway (permitted that you’re not planning to drive immediately after)

Another officer said, “We need to get the education out there.”