Thursday , April 26 2018
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Nevada Police Get Training From Colorado Marijuana Law Expert

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Nevada prosecutors and police officers gathered to listen to former Colorado prosecutor Chris Halsor speak about how to detect stoned drivers. He asked how many of those in the room could visually identify an ounce of marijuana. Only a few of those in the room raised their hands.

Halsor founded Understanding Legal Marijuana, LLC after serving as a prosecutor for 14 years, according to Reno Gazette-Journal. He’ll be visiting all 15 rural Nevada counties over the next year to aid those departments in detecting stoned drivers and how to identify specific weights of marijuana by sight. Nevada residents ages 21 and older are permitted to carry up to an ounce of dry flower and an eighth of concentrate.

Halsor said, “I’ll tell you in my experience, with my officers, they pull someone over in Colorado and they see a gallon sized bag of marijuana buds and they’re like ‘That’s more than an ounce!’”

Nevada’s current marijuana intoxication level is 2 nanograms. Halsor is teaching these officers how to determine probable cause and how to determine if someone is too stoned to be driving. He’s also teaching the officers marijuana lingo.

Deputy District Attorney Melanie Brantingham said, “Our challenge is to take what those officers do on the road and translate that into the courtroom. Right now it’s a lot easier to prove because we have that per se (2 nanogram) limit, but I think that’s going to be challenged in the Legislature.”

Halsor said, “If you’ve got a seasoned prosecutor and a new cop, you’ll make it through. If you have a new pro and a seasoned cop, you’ll limp through. If you have a new prosecutor and a new cop, it is the accident you cannot stop staring at.”