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Nevada Issues Warning to Business Regarding Inflated Testing Results

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Nevada recommends that all marijuana consumers should be cautious of products tested by Certified Ag Lab because they’ve been found to inflate THC concentrations on test results of dispensaries’ products.

The lab’s license has been suspended by the Nevada Department of Taxation, the Nevada Current reported. Nevada officials have not said what types of marijuana products may contain the inaccurate THC concentration information.

A notice from the Department of Taxation reads, in part, “The Department advises all legal cannabis users to take caution when using product tested by Certified Ag Labs, LLC and when comparing any similar products of the same potency, as those effects may be greater and/or less than that of the product tested by Certified Ag Labs, LLC.”

Some don’t see that much of an issue with the THC levels being inflated. Consumers may not mind either, but for those with a low tolerance, it might be a big deal.

Riana Durrett of the Nevada Dispensary Association said, “It’s probably not a huge concern because it wouldn’t be like an edible where the potency can vary so much. The difference between an 18 percent and 22 percent THC content, it’s not a public health threat.”

The concern is directed more toward the business practices of the lab. Eventually, Nevada may have state-overseen labs that test the labs as an added precaution.