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Nevada’s New Laws for Marijuana Sales Are Crushing Businesses

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Marijuana businesses aren’t able to offer drive-thru services while coronavirus restrictions are in place in Nevada. Governor Sisolak opted to only allow marijuana sales via delivery. Marijuana retailers located on Indian reservations are not affected by the Governor’s order, so drive-thru services can be offered there.

It’s estimated that marijuana retail locations on Indian reservations are averaging about $300,000 daily in sales, according to The Central Square. It’s also said that lines are about half a mile long at these locations. Marijuana businesses not on the reservations are down 40% – 50% in sales.

Trisha Black of the Nevada Dispensary Association said, “We are only delivery now, so that’s been challenging because we work on the metric system, a software system, that helps state regulators track what’s sold to whom and when. Trying to convert from in-store sales to primary delivery sales, we had to get our metric system to go mobile with us. I will say the state did an exceptional job of getting our drivers and our vehicles inspected and ready for delivery.”

It is expected that sales will increase for mainstream marijuana businesses once restrictions are lifted.