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Nevada Marijuana Industry Employees Sidelined Awaiting Agent Card Renewals

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Some Nevada marijuana industry employees are stuck being unable to work until their agent cards can be renewed. Hundreds of industry workers are sitting and patiently waiting to either go back to work or start new jobs in the industry. A few regulatory issues have caused a delay in their agent cards being renewed or issued.

Nevada regulators aren’t saying how long the backlog of agent card renewals/applications they have sitting, Nevada Current says. There are also no reasons as to why inquiries regarding the backlog or how long it will be before agent cards are issued again are not being answered. Some industry employees have sought employment in non-industry situations.

The general manager of Jade Cannabis, Christine Gamez, said, “I have people who applied in January and February and have not received their renewals. No one at the state responds to our emails but they are quick to cash our checks.”

Dani Baranowski of the Chamber of Cannabis said, “Potential candidates for employment and employees renewing their cards are facing processing times of over one month, which results in devastating delays of employment and hinders our industry’s potential for growth.”

A 90-day grace period was announced regarding expired agent cards to help get some employees waiting on renewals back to work. The grace period does not apply to new hires. Fees for renewed agent cards would have still needed to be paid prior to expiration for those employees to be able to return to work.

It’s not known how long it will take before this issue is resolved and the issuance of agent cards gets back to being handled in the time allowed by state law.