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Nevada Governor Receives an “A” Grade from Pro-Marijuana Group


Governor Steve Sisolak is at the top of the class when it comes to NORML’s grading scale. He received an “A” for his support of marijuana law reform and willingness to sign bills that come to his desk. In 2019, Governor Sisolak signed 6 new pieces of marijuana legislation into law.

The governor has worked hard to ensure that Nevada’s marijuana industry is transparent, NORML reported. He is also working to increase oversight to ensure that the products are safe for consumers. He isn’t afraid to bring issues to the table and make sure that a solution is quickly determined.

Governor Sisolak signed these marijuana bills into law in 2019:

  • Assembly Bill 132 – workplace protections for some employees
  • Assembly Bill 192 – marijuana conviction records sealed
  • Assembly Bill 140 – prevents courts from denying custody/visitation solely for marijuana use
  • Senate Bill 430 – added autism and opioid addiction to the qualifying medical marijuana conditions list
  • Senate Bill 32 – better transparency for licensing processes
  • Assembly Bill 466 – closed-loop framework for in-state banking issues for marijuana businesses

Governor Sisolak has been a positive force for Nevada’s growing marijuana industry. He’s made it clear that marijuana businesses must follow the rules in place or suffer the consequences. He is adamant about marijuana products being clean and safe for consumers.