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$800,000 of Advertising Set for Nevada’s Marijuana Legalization Initiative

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The Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol in Nevada has set aside upwards of $800,000 of advertising time slots on local television networks in the state. The advertising time is to promote the recreational legalization of marijuana in Nevada. The first ads are scheduled to air the first week of October.

The ads will run through Election Day, November 8, as the polls open and close regarding Question 2, according to The Las Vegas Review Journal. There are no ads ready for previewing, as finalizing of the content has not taken place. Much of the funding for this advertising airtime has come from Nevada medical marijuana business owners.

Some of the noted contributors include these dispensaries:

  • The Source Dispensary
  • Silver State Relief Dispensary
  • The Grove Wellness Center Dispensary

The Nevada Dispensary Association and private contributions, like the $25,000 contribution from Gary and Roger Primm, have also funded the coalition’s efforts.

Recent polls in Nevada show that the majority of voters are pro-marijuana legalization.

Coalition spokesperson Joe Brezny said, “Marijuana prohibition has been a failure and people see that there is a better way to go about this.”