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Nevada Lawmakers Are Focusing on Regulations for Marijuana Edibles

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The upcoming legislative session is when marijuana-infused edibles will be discussed by Nevada lawmakers. Their goal will be to regulate edibles sold at dispensaries. Also, to be discussed is the potential for recreational marijuana legalization, should voters pass the measure in November.

Lawmakers are working to take edibles out of children’s hands, by focusing on safety and packaging, reports Las Vegas Now.  Many medicated marijuana edibles are packaged with bright colors, which children are attracted to. This is an issue that was faced in Colorado, and Nevada wants to do its best to make sure the packaging does not attract children.

Senator Patricia Farley said, “I’m a mom, I have a 10- and a 6-year-old, and to my 6-year-old, a brownie’s a brownie, and she’s not going to know the difference.”

Several marijuana-related bills, sponsored by Senator Farley and Senator Segerblom, will be discussed. One bill would require all marijuana-infused edibles to be packaged in square packaging with childproof cases. The cases would also have to be non-descriptive.

Senator Farley also said, “We’re also looking at a youth prevention and intervention program, partnering with Roseman University to make sure that gets off the ground.”

There are some dispensaries across the state that are already adhering to the newly proposed packaging requirements. Releaf Dispensary investor, Ed Bernstein is the father of a medical marijuana patient and said “it’s important for the industry to be good stewards.”

Bernstein also said, “Nevada is the gold standard of regulation, we have the toughest, strictest regulatory scheme of any state in the country.”

There are roughly six marijuana-related bills in the drafting stages. Final drafts are to be filed with legislative staff before lawmakers return to session in February.