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Governor Sandoval Begins Campaign Against Marijuana Legalization

Nevada Marijuana Legalization

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval and a group of heavy-hitters started a formal campaign on Friday against the legalization of recreational marijuana. The group is called Protecting Nevada’s Children. It has a website that is showing opposition of Question 2, appearing on November’s ballot.

Officials declined the disclosure of the names of the financial backers for this group, CBS News 4 reports. The names, however, will be disclosed when the state campaign financial disclosures are due.

Pat Hickey, former Nevada Assemblyman said, “Nevada’s future success depends on a better education system and a well-prepared workforce. Commercializing marijuana and trying to turn the Vegas Strip into the ‘Amsterdam of the West,’ will harm both efforts.”

Republicans throughout Nevada oppose recreational marijuana legalization and call Colorado’s recreational marijuana law a failed experiment.

Those opposing legal recreational marijuana include:

  • Attorney General Adam Laxalt
  • Lieutenant Governor Mark Hutchison
  • Representative Joe Heck
  • Representative Mark Amodei
  • Representative Cresent Hardy
  • Senator Dean Heller

Heller said, “As a father and grandfather, I’ve always been fearful of both the immediate and long-term effects of recreational marijuana usage. Unlike medical marijuana, I have serious concerns on whether or not the benefits of recreational marijuana outweigh the drawbacks.”

Democrats in the state appear to be split. Senator Harry Reid is “dubious” about the ballot measure, according to statements made in June.

Senate candidate Catherine Cortez Masto said, to the Las Vegas Sun, that she’d vote no on Question 2. She has concerns about the lack of a proper banking system and conflicts between state and federal law.

Concerns exist around casino owners and ownership groups entering the recreational marijuana industry. Supporters of Question 2 agree that prohibition has fueled drug cartels and that regulating and taxing marijuana would help schools and public services with recreational marijuana tax dollars.