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$15 Million Marijuana Cultivation Facility Breaks Ground in McCarran

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MedMen began as a consulting firm for budding marijuana business owners. The co-founders, Adam Bierman and Andrew Modlin, have helped guide these new business owners in the right direction. And now the Los Angeles-based company branched out to McCarran, Nevada recently with the development of major marijuana facility.

MedMen purchased a 45,000 square foot production and cultivation facility, the Northern Nevada Business Weekly reports. They plan to be fully operational in 2017.

Director of Communications for MedMen, Daniel Yi, said, “We are after markets with great opportunity.”

He believes that the facility currently under construction is what the Colorado and California marijuana markets also need. Their hopes are to harvest 10,000 pounds of marijuana annually. They also believe that Nevada has the potential to be a “growing opportunity” with the vote for recreational marijuana just weeks away.

Yi commented that even if recreational marijuana fails to pass this November in Nevada, it will pass at some point. He said, “It will be a highly regulated industry, and we welcome that.”

Adam Bierman said that, “Cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the country, expected to reach more than $20 billion dollars in sales by 2020. This facility is a shining example of what is possible when smart capital and industry expertise come together. We selected Nevada for a number of reasons, in no small part its business friendly environment, but above all because this state is on the leading edge of the cannabis evolution. We are at an inflection point in our industry. We have passed the tipping point, and cannabis will become mainstream. Nevada just happens to be more progressive than most other states. We look forward to making this a show piece for Nevada, the cannabis industry and our company and we look forward to working closely with the local community.”

Within the facility there will be a production area, a testing lab, and an extraction area. The facility will produce traditional dry flower, edibles and infused products and concentrates. A 26,000 square foot greenhouse is being brought to the facility from Holland. The extraction and production wing is 19,000 square feet.

When the facility is operational, 50 local jobs ranging from administrative to agricultural and production will be available.