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Marijuana Will Boost Tourism in Nevada, yet Gaming Industry Is Against It

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Tourism is Nevada’s number one industry, and with marijuana being recreationally legal, it will certainly boost tourism. Senator Tick Segerblom is displeased that the gaming industry wants nothing to do with recreational marijuana. He sees tourism coupling with legal marijuana to enhance the Nevada experience, especially on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is not on-board with marijuana in any respect, according to Reno Gazette – Journal.  Segerblom’s conundrum leaves him another hurdle to cross. Legal marijuana can’t help tourism if the gaming industry doesn’t support it too.

Segerblom said, “That’s the problem. Eventually, we will get that right, but right now, because of the federal rule, the hotels don’t want anything to do with marijuana.”

Nevada gaming officials are prohibited from investing in the state’s marijuana industry due to it still being illegal federally. For the same reasons, hotels and casinos aren’t looking to allow marijuana use. Segerblom suggest that people are already using marijuana in hotel rooms – he couldn’t be more correct.

Segerblom said, “Of course it happens now. They are doing it in the hotel rooms, they are doing it on the casino floor, they are doing it in restaurants, bars. Very few people actually do marijuana with some kind of smoke. There are vapes, there are edibles, there are all kinds of ways. It is going on and it has been going on for years.”

Segerblom is also concerned with how concert venues will be handled in regard to marijuana. One venue mentioned was T-Mobile Arena.

He said, “The problem is that it is owned by MGM, and if MGM says no, we can’t do that. So we’ve got to find a way to divorce those two things so we can go to T-Mobile (with pot) even though we can’t do it in the casino itself.”

Tourists still need a place to use marijuana legally. You’re only permitted to use marijuana in your own home. This also poses issues for medical marijuana patients from out-of-state, as Nevada is a reciprocating state allowing out-of-state patients to purchase their medicine.

Segerblom said, “I have a bill that addresses that. It says local governments can create venues outside of casinos where marijuana could be used. It could be a social club. It could be a bar, it could be a street – like a little Amsterdam street. It could be a concert, it could be a park, it could be a one-time event like Electric Daisy Carnival.”

Segerblom is working on several issues as recreational marijuana sales are slated to begin in July.