Sunday , July 15 2018
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Nevada MMJ Patients Upset as Many Dispensaries’ Prices Double

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Nevada medical marijuana patients say that price gouging from the rollout of recreational sales is sending them back to the black market. This is one of the unintended consequences affecting the state’s medical marijuana patients. At some dispensaries, prices have doubled.

Emily Wilson, a Las Vegas medical marijuana patient, said, “It changed the whole quality of my life. I was pretty much bed ridden.”

Wilson says that many patients are no longer visiting dispensaries and are getting their medicine on the streets, according to Fox 6 Now. Staff at Relief Dispensary says that their prices have gone up due to new taxes and increased demand. They’re trying to discourage patients from returning to the streets.

Wilson also said, regarding patients going to the streets, that, “Oh yes. 100 percent they are.”

GM of Relief Dispensary, Lissa LaWatsch said, “You know, we have seen a decrease in our medical patients. When you’re on the street and you’re buying something, you don’t really know what you’re getting.”

Some dispensaries in the area are offering medical marijuana patients incentives to come back through the doors.

LaWatsch said, “We allow them to come to the front of the line. We try to keep everything in stock that our patients are reliant upon.”