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Nevada Gaming Officials Say No Marijuana Businesses in Casinos

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With so many questions surrounding the new recreational marijuana market in Nevada, the Gaming Commission wanted to make sure that no licenses will be issued for marijuana businesses to operate inside casinos. Recreational marijuana won’t be able to used in casinos either. It will take several policy discussions to cover all of the bases.

While the use and possession of marijuana remains federally illegal, it will not be allowed in casinos, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal. There weren’t any votes held at this meeting, it was a “unanimous conclusion” that anything revolving around marijuana – including events, shows, sales, distribution or cultivation of marijuana can’t be done at a casino or in its conference/event space.

Those with gaming licenses were encouraged not to continue business relationships with any marijuana-related businesses, including those in a landlord-tenant type of relationship. The commission suggested that those holding gaming licenses shouldn’t collect, accept or provide financing to or from any type of marijuana business.

What wasn’t addressed was hotel guests using marijuana. They also didn’t discuss how to deal with any employees who may test positive for marijuana.

Terry Johnson of the Gaming Control Board, said, We’ve got some work to do in terms of distilling what is going to be the policy and how it should be manifested. Is it going to be sufficient to make policy-type pronouncements (in public meetings), or is it going to be necessary to adopt rules that put everyone on notice as to what the requirements and expectations are?”

Gaming Board Commissioner Philip Pro said, “But I think at this point in time, it’s extremely important for the commission to lay out a clear policy that is not going to be ambiguous or confusing to the licensees or anybody else involved in gaming.”

Further conversations will be had and proper provisions will be set in place during meetings in the near future.