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Nevada Cities May Soon Have Marijuana Consumption Lounges


According to the Legislative Counsel Bureau, there aren’t any laws in place preventing local governments in Nevada from issuing licenses for marijuana consumption lounges. That said, tourists and locals may soon have options to consume recreational marijuana legally. The types of businesses allowed to be licensed would be cafes, some special events and maybe yoga studios.

Special marijuana consumption lounges may also open, according to Las Vegas Review Journal. Consumption in or on casino property is still not allowed. Andrew Jolley of The+Source believes the lounges are a step in the right direction. Jolley is also the president of the Nevada Dispensary Association.

Senator Tick Segerblom said, “I really believe that Nevada can be the marijuana capital of the world. And this will be one more thing in our toolbox.”

Jolley said, “We have to be able to give tourists an option rather than a blanket statement that it’s just not allowed on the Strip.”

He also said, “We’ll be surprised at how many locals find value in these lounges. Think about how many bars we have or wine tasting facilities and events. It’s crazy to think that marijuana is somehow different than that. It’s really not.”

So now, it’s up to local governments to determine whether or not to allow the consumption lounges. Jolley expects the lounges to be a hot topic at next month’s meeting. Clark County’s marijuana advisory panel has discussed the lounges. A pilot program allowing on-site dispensary consumption has been brought up.

Clark County commissioners are expected to discuss the topic at the next meeting.

Commission Chairman Steve Sisolak said, “I do feel it is very important for the people who are coming from out of town, the tourists, which are a big contributor to the industry’s business, I’m told, to have a place where they can legally and safely consume the product.“

While the scope of consumption lounges isn’t clear in Clark County, Sisolak said, “I’d want to make sure that any of the marijuana being consumed was purchased from a licensed dispensary or grown in a home that has a license, not illegally obtained product.”

Commissioner Lawrence Weekly is concerned about the odor that marijuana consumption lounges would bring.

He said, “For those who have families, it depends on where you put these things. It’s all still unknown, and as we worth through it I hope those out there who have more education and experience will work with us.”

Senator Segerblom introduced a bill earlier in 2017 regarding consumption lounges, but Governor Sandoval’s expressed concerned tabled the progress.

Regarding the recent developments, Segerblom said, “This is what we’ve been waiting for. It’s fantastic.”