Thursday , June 30 2022
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24/7 Dispensaries and Marijuana Consumption Lounges in Nevada


The Legislative Counsel Bureau says that nothing in Nevada’s law prohibits marijuana consumption lounges. Clark County Commissioners are pumping the brakes and chose to table the discussion until at least December, so there won’t be any word about consumption lounges until close to the end of the year.

One dispensary, near the Strip, was given permission by the Las Vegas City Counselors to stay open 24-hours, according to Nevada Public Radio. The move helps mirror the lifestyle of the city. Scot Rutledge says that the industry is moving at lightning speed in Las Vegas.

In Henderson, a moratorium was lifted. Medical marijuana dispensaries will be able to begin recreational sales.

One issue has been corrected, at least for now; there aren’t any more shortages or distribution issues being reported. Twenty-two distribution licenses have been issued to help keep product flowing to recreational marijuana shops.

However, as the end of the year rolls around, supply may become an issue again. Rutledge says that there are not enough cultivators for the demand. More need to be licensed to allow production to increase. He doesn’t think the current cultivators anticipated the demand well.

Ruthledge was asked about complaints regarding the cost of marijuana in Nevada. He says, “It’s a supply and demand issue. There are certain constraints on that supply…I think by the time we get into 2018 and really get this program up and running that will normalize.”

When asked about his thoughts on the consumption lounges, Rutledge says it’s something he’s passionate about. Being able to provide areas for social use helps the normalization of marijuana. The state invites tourists to visit and purchase marijuana but hasn’t provided them anywhere to use it legally.

The perspective of what the consumption lounges will be like is that they will be experiential and “Instagram-able”. He’d like to see venues where people can go to be social, be seen and take photos. He’d like it to be a scenarios where people may express, ‘hey, I’m at one of these really awesome lounges that don’t exist anywhere else in this country’.

Rutledge was also asked his opinion of the Clark County Commissioners tabling the marijuana lounge discussion. Rutledge said, “I think that we have to get it right. I would rather us walk and get it right than try to ‘ready, shoot, aim’ – as it were.”

Enforcement regulations have to be crafted as do all other regulations for the consumption lounges. There are other issues that have to be taken care of before the state, or just Las Vegas, can move forward with the consumption lounge conversation.

Regarding the dispensary given permission to stay open 24-hours, Rutledge’s opinion is that it is a better safety method as a 24-hour business is never empty, so the desire for criminals to attempt robbery on the establishment, it helps keep them at bay.