Wednesday , January 19 2022
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Budtender Fight Club to Educate Nevada Marijuana Industry’s Workforce


Nevada needs an educated workforce for its new marijuana industry. Thousands of new jobs may be available, but finding educated bodies to fill those positions has proved to be difficult. Advocate Jason Sturtsman mentions that the “Budtender Fight Club” is the answer to finding those educated potential employees.

Almost 100 people attended the “Budtender Fight Club” in a classroom, centrally located in Las Vegas, according to 3 News Las Vegas. The attendees came prepared with questions, paper and pencil. The class will be held monthly.

Sturtsman said, “They’re getting taught by doctors, they’re getting taught by people who are actually working in the industry. There are thousands of applications that come in on a regular basis to every single dispensary and cannabis business in the state – the way to differentiate yourself is to get educated.”

The cost per class is $20. Topics include edibles, terpenes and cannabinoids. Each course is 3-hours. Some employers find these classes to be the ideal place to scout potential new hires.

Sturtsman said, “When people come here as tourists, they want to have that high-quality experience that they’re used to getting from their nightclubs, getting from their restaurants. And they’re now going to get that from their dispensaries.”

Robert Casillas of Cannacopia dispensary said, “We are head hunting. We’re here looking for the people in the industry who are hungry for the education because it gives our customers and patients a better experience.”

Sandra Kawaguchi hopes the classes will help her land a new job.

She said, “I’ve been to eight of them. In order to work in a dispensary, you really need to know about these things.”

Sturtsman plans to develop some new curriculum for the classes beginning in December. He’d like to see the courses become mandatory for new hires in the industry.