Thursday , June 30 2022
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Las Vegas Dispensary Opens a Marijuana Drive-Thru Window


The Paiute Tribe’s Las Vegas dispensary, NuWu Cannabis Marketplace, has opened up a drive-thru window. It’s the first drive-thru service in the Las Vegas market. Colorado was the first state to allow a drive-thru marijuana window in the country earlier this year. There is also a medical marijuana dispensary drive-thru in Sun City, Arizona.

NuWu Cannabis Marketplace offers 15 different products from dry flower to concentrates, according to NBC CT. The drive-thru service was implemented to help disabled persons and the elderly – so they don’t have to get out of their vehicles. Within one minute of ordering, customers should have their products.

The idea of the drive-thru window is to be as fast as a fast food drive-thru.

Benny Tso, chairman of the Las Vegas Paiute Tribe, said, “We want all customers to have that same experience of being able to get in and get out. It’s about speed and convenience.”

To create the drive-thru, the tribe ordered a $30,000 bank teller-style window from Washington State. It features bullet-proof glass. There are also several surveillance cameras positioned around the drive-thru window for customer and employee safety.