Sunday , December 16 2018
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Nevada Governor Wants to Follow Colorado’s Marijuana Strategy


According to Governor Brian Sandoval, Nevada should mirror Colorado when it comes to marijuana. The U.S. Attorney in Colorado is not planning to change current approaches to prosecuting recreational marijuana crimes.

It isn’t clear whether Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt will be directed to file formal litigation to prevent federal government interference in the state, according to Las Vegas Review-Journal. Sandoval said that it would be a premature decision to assign the task at the moment. The approach for now will be to see what the new interim Nevada U.S. attorney, Dayle Elieson, will be first.

Sandoval said, “I know that the U.S. attorney in Colorado has already said that he is not going to enforce federal laws against the legalized marijuana industry in that state. I would like to see something similar here in Nevada, but that’s a discussion that needs to be had.”

Elieson was a prosecutor in Texas. He’s also among the 17 selected by Attorney General Jeff Sessions to lead districts across the nation.

Sandoval said, “I did oppose the legalization of recreational marijuana, but given that the people have spoken, I want our industry to be regulated as the best in the country, just a very aggressive and reasonable regulation. I think we’ve accomplished that, and given the commencement of sales in the state, I think it’s gone extremely well.”