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Nevada Regulates THC Content in Marijuana-Infused Edibles

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Forty-five percent of Nevada’s marijuana sales are edibles. To help prevent negative experiences and potential trips to the ER, regulators have limited doses of THC per serving to 10-milligrams, and an entire package may not exceed 100mg THC.

An average dose is considered to be 10mg, according to the Las Vegas Sun. For first-time users, it is suggested to use an even smaller dose – between 2.5mg and 5mg THC. More experienced marijuana users with higher tolerances may be able to handle a 20mg or 30mg does their first time.

Riana Durrett of the Nevada Dispensary Association said, “We’ve been very involved since the outset to prevent overconsumption. It has happened in other states and we want to prevent it from happening here.”

David Goldwater of Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary said, “Low and slow is always our recommendation. Low THC milligram count and eat it slow.

Dispensary owners are doing their due diligence to help prevent overdoses and negative experiences by stressing microdosing and safe consumption approaches.

It is important to remember that edibles take at least 45 minutes to digest in the body, for those with slower metabolisms, it may take up to 2-hours before effects are felt.

Essence Cannabis Dispensary holds Wellness Wednesday seminars once a month. Safety in consuming marijuana and marijuana-infused topics are one of their top priorities in regards to educating the community. They even train their employees in providing proper directions for safely consuming edibles to first-time edibles users.

Armen Yemenidjian of Essence Cannabis Dispensary said, “Put it this way, we want people to enjoy the edibles so they come back for more. We don’t want them to hate the experience and be turned off by the whole process.”

The+ Source provides literature to its customers regarding safe edibles consumption. Inyo Fine Cannabis Dispensary offers information for safe consumption on its website.

Dispensaries are doing their part by providing the necessary educational tools to help marijuana consumers use edibles responsibly but the responsibility of safe consumption is predominantly up to the consumer to follow the advice of dispensary staff.

Durrett said, “The resources are out there, a lot of it is just being responsible and knowing what you’re consuming. And being patient is part of it.”