Tuesday , March 9 2021
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‘Bongzilla’ Now on Display at Las Vegas Cannabis Museum

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Bongzilla is a functional 24-foot tall bong that traveled from its construction location in Seattle to Las Vegas. A glorious staircase curls around the entire structure at the new Cannabition Cannabis Museum. An elevator can also be used to get to the top. The giant reservoir sits on the “ground floor” of the masterpiece weighing over 800-pounds.

The bowl is said to hold a quarter-pound of dry flower, notes Star Advertiser. Features including black lighting and green glowing lights add to the attraction. Jason Harris is the artist behind this marijuana show-stopper.

Harris said, “I make giant bongs. They are my voice to make noise in the world.”

Bongzilla can be found on Fremont Street. Hearing “Stairway to Heaven” while vising the massive attraction heightens the experience.

Harris said, “Las Vegas will be the new Amsterdam of the world. I see it as a big lighthouse and beacon that says, ‘just smoke me.’”

Recreational marijuana may be legal in Nevada, but public use remains prohibited. This means that, at least for now, Bongzilla can only be admired – not enjoyed to its full potential.

Visitors and locals can find Bongzilla inside Cannabition.

Bongzilla took four days of a team of 15 glass blowers working 8-hours to create. Once assembled to ensure completion, it had to be disassembled for transport. The bong was transported through only legal states – Washington, Oregon, California and Nevada.

Once the creation arrived at Cannabition, owner J.J. Walker said there were several days of reassembly involved. To create the full visual effect of the bong’s name, a Tokyo-themed backdrop sits behind the glass piece of art.

Senator Tick Segerblom commented that he sees a day in the future where actual hits can be taken from Bongzilla. He also commented about being blown away by the glass bong. The biggest bong the senator ever experienced was less than 2-feet tall.

Segerblom said, “It’s what we do best here, and it fits in well with our party and outlaw image. But I’m also hoping it makes people aware that Las Vegas is the perfect place for the cannabis culture and, if we can pull this off, it will become a major focal point for us.”