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Nevada’s 2019 Legislative Session Poses Changes to Marijuana Industry

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Governor Sisolak is seeking the creation of a Cannabis Compliance Board. It will be similar to the Gaming Control Board. The goal is to make the licensing process more transparent and to ensure that all dispensaries/retail stores are following the state’s regulations.

Sisolak would like to see the marijuana licensing process work similarly to how casino licenses are awarded, The Nevada Independent says. Additional changes are also expected in the 2019 legislative session, much of it having to do with appropriating marijuana tax funds in different directions. The state reports having about $293 million in its Rainy Day fund.

The Rainy Day fund is where the 10% marijuana excise tax goes. Governor Sisolak wants to see that money go toward school safety efforts and the Millennium Scholarship fund. Senator Dallas Harris and has requested legislation to place over $100 million of this fund toward education in the next two years.

Marijuana tax dollars will still go into the state’s Rainy Day fund, but those funds will be redistributed elsewhere.

Lawmakers are also requesting legislation that would create a banking solution for Nevada’s marijuana industry. IT’s dangerous dealing in cash. A bill has been introduced to start a “marijuana stock exchange” in the state as well.