Friday , February 26 2021
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Planet 13 Dispensary Adds Coffee Shop and Pizza Parlor

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Planet 13 is a marijuana superstore in Vegas that also offers entertainment. Not every person that walks through the door is there to buy marijuana – some visit just for the experience. Arizona-based Rickety Cricket is set to operate a new coffee shop in Planet 13.

The coffee shop area will be 4,500-sqft. and will be called Purc Coffee, Newsweek says. Purc Coffee will have a unique concept and follows the tagline, “Coffee for the Planet”. The coffee shop and pizza parlor are expected to open in July.

Planet 13 CEO Larry Scheffler said, “The superstore isn’t just a dispensary; it’s a destination. Customer traffic is growing; however there are many more people that come to see the store that don’t buy cannabis. The coffee shop and bistro/pizzeria will act as a draw and a tool to service that customer, while also increasing the existing customers average ticket.”

Owner of Rickety Cricket, Terry Thomson, said, “The superstore is already a destination for thousands of people every day, they come and spend hours looking at the amazing entertainment, displays and the spectacle that is the superstore. I’m thrilled to be able to serve the food that has made Rickety Cricket so popular in Arizona to this large and diverse new customer base.”

Scheffler said, “This is just the beginning. We are well-capitalized and expect to continue to drive results from the superstore, while also beginning to leverage our growing reputation into other attractive markets.”

Also planned for the massive retail space are:

  • On-site consumption lounges once legalized in Nevada
  • Marijuana-infused beer and wine tasting room

Dates for the tasting room’s opening have not been announced.